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Is an avacado easy to find in Paris? I don't remember ever seeing them in the markets, although my eyes might have always been distracted by the cheese stands.

I would say that ten years ago they were a lot more difficult to find than they are today. I bought two in the local Monoprix (big supermarket chain) this week so they are getting pretty common.

That said, it's hard to find the quality you do in the US. Often they are very hard and very old and thus difficult to ripen well. This one was nicer than usual - when I make guacamole, I usually buy twice as many as I need to correct for the number that are brown and icky on the inside. And of course if there are any left over, that's okay too...

Wait, wait. Back up. Rhubarb sorbet?

Where did you find rhubarb sorbet? It sounds interesting.

I found it in a local gourmet supermarket and then noticed that my old standard (Monoprix) carries the same brand. I bought it for a dinner party a week or so ago and none of the guests wanted dessert, foolish them. I also bought raspberry, as I thought that they would both go really well with the strawberry sauce. And I was right!

Actually, the rhubarb sorbet was a little less flavourful than I expected (maybe the result of straining out all the fibers?) and so the strawberry sauce really improved it. It's a great concept, though - I'm definitely going to try making my own version one of these days.

You have an ice-cream maker too, don't you? Or is that your next Christmas present from me?

No, that was your last Xmas present (or maybe one of the many cool wedding presents) to us. We plan to give that thing a workout this summer.

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