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Hi Meg,
It is also going to be a warm day on the West Coast of Canada tomorrow, and your rose wine/peach schnapps (liqueur)/lemon zest sounds great to start the spring/summer. Can you tell me, how much rose wine to peach liqueur is best?
Love your site.

Back when I lived in Oberlin we had neighbors across the street who had a mixed marriage - she was French, and he was Irish. Solange (her name) used to make a pretty yummy summer drink by mixing cassis, a black currant liqueur, with chilled wine. I think it was a white wine. But after a while it didn't matter.

Anne, it's anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of liqueur per wineglass, depending on how sweet your wine is and how sweet you like your drinks. I absolutely love the flavour of peaches, so I tend to be more on the tablespoon side. For the zest, one long trail looks pretty in the glass and is about the right amount. (Although in all honesty I have to admit that I'm not very handy with a zester myself, and end up with a lot of "crumbs"!)

Kurt, what you had is a classic kir - it's usually made with cassis and white whine. If you use champagne, it's called a kir royal!

Cassis with red wine, called a cardinal or a communard depending on which way you lean politically, is also quite refreshing.

I'll have to give this peach drink a try!

Thanks for the comment, Frolic! I had heard of the red wine version being called a Cardinal, but wasn't familiar with the "Commundard" - very funny! Peach liqueur also goes very well with white wine, although I guess you are getting dangerously close to those wine coolers that were so popular in the eighties. All you need to add is fizzy water!

Anne, how did it turn out? We are going to lose the sunny weather here in a couple of days, sadly...just in time for unpacking the garden furniture we bought this weekend!

My first exposure to Kir and Kir royals was in a hotel bar in San Francisco off Geary where we stayed during MacWorld each year back in the mid-80's (yes, I am just that old).
It never became my drink, but they are great pick me ups.

Meg: When I lived in France, I spent time among some Marxist economists for the Ministry of Finance who first served me this drink. They would, of course, never drink anything with a name associated with the Church.

Only in France would you find Marxists in the Ministry of Finance! Well, okay, maybe in revolutionary Spain too...

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