Comments: Chicken and Grilled Vegetables Salad (with Caesar's dressing)


Meg in Paris,
Caesar Salad was invented just south of the California/Mexico border. It is hugely popular here in California, and has been since the twenties. And here, just as elsewhere, you take your chances when you order "Caesar Salad". The best insurance against getting a poor one is to have it mixed tableside. This way you get to direct its concoction. I've collected a bunch of recipes for this tasty toss-up. If interested in any or all, just email me. I'm happy to share. Tomatoes in Caesar Salad? Well, let's not have this become an issue between us. Life is too short. I like your blog, best of continued luck.

Thanks! I didn't realize that tomatoes could be an emotional issue - thanks for being so open-minded! ; )

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