Comments: Smoothie Operator


Barrett, your last comments remind me of a favourite cocktail of my mother's back in the seventies: peach fuzz. She used to freeze pounds of peaches every year, and when she wanted a nice festive cocktail she'd take them out of the freezer and dump a couple (with the frozen syrup) in the blender and add vodka. Instant alcoholic goodness! Maybe now that I have a big American fridge it will be time to follow in my mother's footsteps this year and do some preserving...!

Use enough alcohol and it won't be the peaches that are preserved.

Smoothies are the best! I sometimes like to use the silky tofu instead of yogurt or milk in my smoothies. You'd think it would taste weird, but I don't notice it at all. It's good if you're lactose intolerant.

Inspired by your blog (and anxious to use the one remaining accessory on my immersion blender I haven't tried yet) I looked for frozen fruits at my local supermarket. Sniff, none to be had. I'll have to go to a specialty frozen foods store this weekend...

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