Comments: Continuing the Japanese Feast: Salmon Teriyaki


Looks like some potent stuff in that bottle. Looks like a potent bottle, in fact.

I never saw anyone drink sake out of a gravy boat in Japan, but they did consume shochu quite often. One of the more popular ways for ladies to drink it is mixed with citrus fruit, like grapefruit or an orange. Most restaurants would bring you the whole fruit (cut in half), a juicer dish, and a half a glass of shochu. You smash the fruit to get the juice and poor it into your glass. Sometimes the shochu is already mixed with soda water in really cheap restaurants (but they don't mention that in the menu!).

That explains why a search on the web kept coming up with many shochu cocktail recipes and very little information on what exactly it's made of! Next time maybe we'll try it with some fruit. Then, perhaps, we can give some credence to Tony's claim that it's "good for a cold"!!

Thanks, Stacey!

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