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Ha, that's nothing! My kitchen looks much worse, and I haven't even started the IMBB baking yet. Tomorrow morning's clean-up is going to be horrific.

You've got a very fine lot of Japanese ingredients there - have fun!

The mushrooms are enoki and they're fungal love. Don't do too much to them, they have a great subtle flavor.

Did you ever take advantage of J. Toguri when you were in Chicago, Meg du Paris? The store is run by the former Tokyo Rose, Iva Ikuko Toguri. They've got a great Japanese dry goods (or dried goods) section.

Meg - I know, this is sadly pretty typical for me! I think my stepdaughter has lost all respect for me as the kitchen is always in a state when she visits.

Barrett - just forgot to put the real name of the shrooms when typing last night. As you can see from the typos, it was late at night but I wanted to post before Sunday, the IMBB day.

I do remember Toguri's but don't recall them having nearly as much stuff as this place. Wyatt and Stacey kept commenting on how it was just like their neighborhood store in Tokyo. They must have had 50 soy sauces alone! Also, the fresh produce is a real plus. You can get it elsewhere in Paris, but this place is more central than any of the others.

Hi Meg -

I love your blog . . . perhaps because I feel sort of like a celebrity being mentioned so many times!

Anyway, the address for the Japanese shop is as follows: Kanae / 11, rue Linois / 75015 / 01 40 59 98 03 / /

Bless you, Stacey - I had given up on finding it online!!

I happen to live in rue Robert de Flers (about 100 yards from that grocery, Kanae). Very nice little place in a part of Paris where we can find a number of Japanese and Korean people (both tourists and living in the buildings around in Beaugrenelle).


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