Comments: Is My Blog Burning? Turtle Cake


can you believe I've never eaten a turtle cake before? but oh, I must get my hands on a piece now... caramel baked into a cake... yum!
as for lickin' the bowls... but that's the reason why we bake isn't it? ; )

Fannie May and Fannie Farmer have closed there stores? Since when? That's not possible!

Your comment on the bowl-licking is funny: as I was doing the same last night with my cake-batter-bowl I reflected on the fact that I first got interested in cooking (well baking) because my sister insisted that licking the bowl was the cook's sole right! Darn those older sisters...

The Fannies have closed all their stores as part of the sale of the brand. Also they closed the West Side factory that produced the chocolates for decades. It's very, very sad. We bought $100 of chocolates the last week they were in business.

I am secretly (not anymore!) happy that my husband doesn't like licking the bowl clean as much as I do. I spent a good 5 minutes today getting every last bit of raw cake batter from the bowl as soon as the cake went in the oven. It's the best part of cake baking.

I've never heard of turtle cake before - is there some obvious reason that those clusters are called turtles, or is it etymologically obscure?

Sorry, that's me above forgetting to fill in my name....

The original turtles to my mind are the pecan caramel clusters coated in chocolate. They kind of look like little turtles. I assume that's how they got their name. It's also why I think this cake needs some pecans in it to be a "true" turtle cake. Next time out I'll put them in the middle layer.

Oh. My. This cake ROCKS! I loved the Fanny Farmer turtle candies and can't believe there's a cake just like it! As for licking the bowls clean, oh yeah I'm guilty, I even lick the mixing beaters clean as an extra super secret treat.

This is my wife's favorite cake from childhood. I did a fairly credible job according to her. I doubt it could ever be as good as her mom made when Rebecca was 7, but what ever is?

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