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I want comprehensive information about omega-3 egg production.
thank you.

Australian egg farm, Freeranger Eggs is conducting a worldwide survey aimed at helping to tighten the definition of free range eggs.

The survey is being carried out over the internet to gather views from as wide a range of people as possible.

One of the problems facing the industry is that without a clear definition, agreed by producers, consumers and the regulators, there is no way consumers can be sure what they are buying.

Many people don't know that on some ‘free range’ farms birds are de-beaked and many thousands may be housed in a shed with a hole in the side providing access to an enclosure of bare earth or even concrete – and that can be classified as ‘free range’ even though most of the hens probably never go outside.

We encourage anyone with views about what they think the definition of free range should be to log on to the survey at or the farm’s website

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