Comments: Moules Frites


I was in Paris recently. I loved the mussels and the oysters and the brasseries. I think I have walked past the picture you've put on this post. :-)

It's near my the Champs-Elysées on the avenue Franklin Roosevelt. I really like it because it's one of the few reasonable traditional cafés in the area. I like the waiters too!

So next time you are here and are near the Champs, stop by - it's not the most gourmet café, but it's good and cheap!

Working on a magazine article recently we came across the moules of Brittany. They are unequaled, both in character and in recipe.

Moules frites. France. (especially the Normandie region). Unbeatable.

Never tried this before, but your posts made me try this out. Had the recipe noted and it was indeed pleasure to eat.

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