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Yes, Foodgoat does extend his garlic ban to goulash too. But then again, he now adds fish sauce to his goulash, which is definitely not traditional. I say, if it tastes good, it can't be all that bad!

That's very generous of you! I agree with the end analysis. And I have to say I love garlic...!

First post.....favorite meal on the planet....have to agree with initial opinion/edict, no go on the garlic....come on now...we can't have it in everything.

Garlic can taste various ways depending on how you cook it. Over high heat it is very pungent. Cooked in a sauce or soup it actually becomes sweet as do onion. The other thing is the larger the pieces of the garlic, the more likely that they will cook slowly and become sweet. One of my fave soups is a Puerto Rican Garlic soup with poached egg that is sweeter than traditional French onion soup.

Why would you care one whit about Ladygoat or his/her thoughts? If everyone copied the masters -- let alone some blogger -- where would we be? Loved it...with garlic.

Bailey, I wrote this post not long after TMC was established and was still feeling a bit humble in the presence of other, older blogs. Also, it was a bit tongue in cheek, so take it with the proverbial grain of salt.

I agree that the wonder of the food blogging world is its variety and creativity. But another aspect I love is the sense of community and my reference to Foodgoat and Ladygoat was part of that.

I'm glad you enjoyed the goulash! It's my husbands favourite dish and one of mine too!

if I am not mistaken, in German style of goulash, some also require garlic, about 1 clove at least

your goulash sounds so yummie :)

oh, and btw, we are Hungarians, and we add a little garlic to our goulash


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