Comments: Cheesy Vegetables


I did a kale and potatoes dish from the "We better use that up or it'll go bad" recipe department that worked well. It's a bit of a ripoff of a Deborah Madison recipe, but I leave out some things (like tomatoes we didn't have).

Simmer some spuds in salted water, simmer some kale minus stems in the same water after fishing out the spuds, reserve a little water (1/2 cup).

Heat some olive oil, cook some garlic, add some red pepper flakes, toss in the kale and potatoes, add the reserved water, heat thoroughly, reduce the water, and serve in a bowl with a bit of olive oil, pepper and salt.

It was great. We added some oil at the table. No cheese, but I think just about any vegetable and potato can be combined profitably. Deborah Madison peels her spuds, but I like the flavor and what remaining vitamins are still in the peels.

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