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I adore that place. My mother is a long-time member of the Art Institute across the street, and we've had many pleasant lunches there after/during/before a day at the museum.

I've passed this place so many times and yet found it a little daunting - the name made me wonder if it was just a place for tea? Now that I know, I'll definitely drag the Critic along there for a try!

I was also under the impression it was this neo-Fascist restaurant with snooty service, but they really couldn't have been nicer. Something about the perfection of their presentation outside and in the entryway is intimidating. Once you're sat down, they're the best most acommodating set of servers I've had in a long while.

During our most recent visit, my husband and I ordered the vegetarian platter for two for dinner. In a word - WOW! I'm searching for a recipe for their beet caviar and ran across this site so decided to add my comment. On future visits to Chicago, we'll definitely be eating at the Russian Tea Time again . . and again . . and . . well, you get it!

I see the last post was 2004 - it's now January 2010 and nothing has changed.
We walked past the window on our way to the museum and decided to stop for an early dinner on the way back to the hotel.
Everything - and I mean EVERYTHING was just as the reviewer described. We had the Russian Platter for two and it was just delicious!
My personal suggestion - have the "house tea" it's absolutely delicious and they keep refilling your glass all the way to the end of the meal.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole U.S. I used to go there whenever I went to Chicago on business. Now I don't travel for work and am dying for the beet caviar - does anyone know the recipe? Pretty please

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