Comments: The Naked Chef Tours America


He may just be finishing his Elvis year (or two). His t-Fal ads here are not so chi-chi, either.

You never know. Martha Stewart hooked up with K-Mart and all that did was make her and K-Mart a lot of money.

Just read his entry that mentions Cafe Atlantico. The other restuarant he mentions Zaytinya is where we ORIGNALLY were going to go, but which was booked up. That's what bounced us to the excellent Cafe Atlantico.

Looking gorgeous never hurts. Have you read any of his cookbooks? I am addicted to his TV shows but haven' actually checked out his books yet.

Well, as mentioned above I am addicted to the chickpea and leek soup. My cookbook also has a recipe for red onions roasted with butter and thyme, which is more or less the same as a Nigel Slater version I do with shallots and thyme (it's delicious!). I've tried the trout roasted with thyme (very good) and keep meaning to try some of the exciting things he does with home-made pasta, made with beets, for example. I'm not sure I would get the red pasta past my rather conservative husband though!

trying find out Jamie Oliver;s schedule while in America? Please am eager to find out. Can an email message be sent to

pity it's not so much about the food but about the filthy lucre & when naked dosen't mean nekkid anymore!!!!!!

looking to tour America for great food and
what ever.

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