Comments: The Spice Drawer


The founder of Ikea was just outed as the richest man in the world- even more wealthy than Bill Gates.

Yeah, I saw that. Because of suckers like us.

To be fair, though, we are happy with the kitchen and had good reports from several different friends who had used them. One woman in Steve's office put hers in well over ten years ago and says it still looks good.

I am very stupid, though - at first bought inserts for the drawers at my local Monoprix, before realizing that MAYBE THE IKEA ONES WILL ACTUALLY FIT. Duh.

Interested to know if this spice drawer is an item that can be purchased and if so, direct from you, special order, or name of outlet that carries it...Thanks much

Syracuse, NY USA

it is not a hazard if ikea is the reichest man in the world he has the best quality related price in the world.

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