Comments: Spring stir-fry


This looks great. Aside from the chicken, that is. Maybe a little golden fried tofu woudl substitute nicely.

I think tofu would work great. Also, the original recipe called for red peppers, which added a nice flavour and a bright color. I forgot them when I was shopping!

This looks fantastic! Just the sort of thing I feel like in March, when the sight of another root vegetable makes me want to cry.

Oh, and I'm curious, what gourmet supermarket in the 17th might that be?

It's the Galeries Gourmandes in the Palais des Congrès. It's a bit more expensive than your local Monoprix or Franprix, but the vegetable section is fantastic!

They also have a fairly good selection of "exotic" foods - kosher, middle eastern & Greek (fresh) and Mexican, Indian, English, etc. (condiments, not too bad).

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