Comments: Barrett's Egg, Feta, and Sage Sandwich


Sounds really nice, Barrett - too bad He Who Eats over here won't eat eggs. I'll have to try it when he's away on a lads' weekend. One question: have you tried it with fresh sage? Or would that make the flavour too strong?

The texture of fresh sage just isn't right in this dish. You could fry the sage first to crisp it up. That should work.

WOW. Just tried this Barrett and you are absolutely right - it is seriously good. I could almost (well not really) face vegetarianism with dishes like that around. I didn't bother with the English muffins, though - just used plain old whole wheat toast. Thanks a million!!

I can claim this as an original dish (as simple as it is). I made it when Rebecca first visited me and I was trying to come up with a "special" breakfast.

I was going to make this Saturday morning but I've run myself out of sage. Off to the market, I guess.

I actually went to the store Saturday morning before breakfast and picked up the sage, so that I could have it. (Are you impressed?)Bravo on a great invention!

Sounds good, Barrett. I will have to do this without English Muffins as well, but the feta will be a nice touch to a typically Italian diet. Thanks!

This sounds yummy. I've been looking for some different breakfast ideas. thanks!

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