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Barrett, you might want to take into account the fact that we are only a little over a month old and they probably researched their article at least a month ago - it would have taken a psychic genius to find us and decide we were going to become wonderful enough to include! Of course there are those (mostly in my family, oddly) who would have been intuitive enough to predict just that...! ;)

We've got a ways to go to get to the level of these great blogs. It is incentive to stir up the competitive instincts for next year, though!

The whole thing makes me giggle a bit. Thanks for the mention up there Barrett.
I'm really quite surprised Deb at MurrayHill 5 didn't get in there, she's done an amazing job. Well, that could be said for many blogs. In fact, I didn't hit the blog scene until early last year and every week I am amazed at the shear volume of excellent writers and chefs/cooks out there. They consistently deliver.
I'm hoping Gourmet and other rags give up more room for us. The quality is there.

The initial research by Gourmet, as in when I received the first e-mail, was done last year. The second batch of e-mails came in February. I suppose one of their criteria was the size of the archives. :)

TRC- I was just having fun with the idea and don't want anyone to think we think we deserve a mention.

Yet. :)

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