Comments: Spinach and Mushroom Pie


Interesting recipe, Barrett! I've only ever seen that kind of a pie crust (crumbs and shortening) in cheesecake recipes before. I might have to give it a try. Your pie dish looks fairly deep - how big does it need to be?

It's not that deep. Maybe 1" or so. I'm pretty sure it's a standard 9" pie plate.

I was surprised at how well the crust holds together. Butter is a good binder, but behold the power of cheese.

Ooooh! That look delicious! It looks just right for dinner during the last winter storm of the season. I'll have to try it.

By the way, Barrett, did you grate your own nutmeg - the charming inexpensive wedding present I gave you? I'll bet that was the "love" that leavened your pie...

I did, in fact. I'm using a much larger grater though, since the one that came in the jar is crap. The nutmeg itself (from a nut named Meg) is very nice.

I use the ones that come with the nutmeg with no difficulty. Wimp.

Nutmeg underuser.

Made this last night for no meat was awesome. Thanks for the recipe.

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