Comments: Chicago Chow for all Brows


Bizarre that they called them the top ten foodie reasons. I would have expected the highbrow stuff.

That's part of why I was annoyed.

I'm sensing that you have some strong feelings. Why don't you just come out and say what you mean? Do you agree with the list? Jeez.

Yeah, well apart from the Foodie designation, I think the list is reasonable... that's the kind of food I would have expected out of Chicago before I moved up here. It's too bad that the Chicago haute cuisine scene hasn't gotten a natl rep yet, but it's not especially surprising.

Chicago has a national rep. It usually places in the #2 or #3 slot on best food cities in the U.S. (fighting it out with New York and San Francisco, neither of which I can disagree with). Unfortunately, it gets left off the other lists completely.

Uh, don't forget Trio, newly appointed five star restaurant. Having worked and eaten there, I would say it is definitely worthy of mention.

Good add, Matt. Of course, I should add Jean Joho's Everest and the soon to be reopened Le Francais with chef Don Yamauchi from Carlos' and a bunch of others.

I picked out the ones I mentioned because I have had the pleasure of eating at those establishments. I haven't hit Trio yet, but it's on the list!

I'm with Bryan on this one, Barrett - you should maybe cut down on the caffeine...!

I guess I'm not taking you to Everest when you visit next time, Meg...

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