Comments: Is My Blog Burning? : Trio of Traditional Tartines


Wow, those look great. I'm envious of your cookery AND your photography.

Thanks Barrett! The mushroom one was out of focus, sadly. However, did you notice that two out of the three (or three out of the four if you count the English Tartine) were vegetarian??

I forgot to mention that the mushroom idea came from a recipe by Nigel Slater for mushrooms on toast. I didn't actually get his recipe out, but the idea had been lingering in the back of my head ever since seeing it in one of his books.

All the tartines sound great but I must admit I have a weakness for mushrooms so that's the one that makes me the most hungry :-). It's a pity the web can only transport images... I bet the mushroom tartine smelled heavenly!

I too have a weakness for mushrooms and maybe that's why it was my favourite! I had bought the mushrooms to make a creamy mushroom sauce for pasta earlier in the week, and the cream diluted the lovely mushroom flavours. So this was a much more successful use of them. Also, I thought the comtÚ cheese went very well - I don't know how easy it is to get French cheeses in Germany?

me three... with a weakness for mushrooms that is.
this sounds really good... oh, just thinking about the mushroom "juices seeping into the bread" is making my tummy rumble!

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