Comments: Martha Stewart Guilty


I'm pretty shocked, actually. I kinda thought she'd get off.

She's goin' to the big house.

And that's a good thing.

I also thought she would get off, but I completely agree with Bryan that it's a good thing.

Barrett... you had a crush on her?

Hey, I don't defend it, I just acknowledge it. I've always liked ultra-competent strong women.

I think it's Oedipal...the perfect housewife! Bet he likes Marge Simpson too...; )

Marge Simpson? Oh please. Now Maude Flanders...

She should have got off. She was railroaded.
The governemnt was making and example of her to take the heat of of Bush's Enron Buddies

Just realized you had a different recipe under each of the links - very clever, Barrett. On the other hand her recipe for chocolate cake reminds me why some of us find her really irritating. It ends with "Garnish with edible flowers."


Well you wouldn't want to garnish it with inedible flowers now, would you?

Depends on whether Ms. Stewart is invited...

well i think that she should not be in there and i dont fill sorry for her cause if u do the crime u do the time but i do fill sorry about that we all have to pay for her just to be in there and that is a waist of my money and if that is the case then let her out

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