Comments: Downsizing


The "supersize" fry was an 8 oz. portion as opposed to a 7 oz. "large". That's a significant decrease but 7 oz. is still a lot of fried potatoes.

It is nice to see MickeyD's work on quality of food and nutrition rather than speed of service (as they did before now). They can be a powerful force for good when they choose to be.

Yeah, we still have to see what the menu actually turns out to be. But 1 oz of fries multiplied by the number of daily consumers is a mssive amount of food. Did you know 7% of Americans eat lunch at McDonald's on any given day? And that's just lunch...

I have to admit my frequency of visits to McDonald's goes up in March for bad reasons. Mmmmmm.... Shamrock shakes.

You are a sick man, my friend...

Oh trust me, once the Sham-crack Shakes are in, I'm writing a post about their addictive yet disquieting flavor.

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