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hahah! i haven't had beans on toast in years! but yes, definitely a brit favourite.

i was introduce to this delicacy back during my early childhood days by my scottish neighbour at the time on the island of borneo.

i didn't take to beans on toast that well but luved the melted grated cheese on toast instead.

Thanks for the comment! I'm not a huge fan either, but have to admit it is a very good "morning after" dish when you just want something bland and comforting.

Interesting! During my first trip to England I was introduced to this dish and thought it quite nice though plain. But from what I see above, I realize it wasn't being done right, the beans were just tossed onto the dry toast and that was it. Sheesh, you'd think the Brits could get their own dish right...! When done to perfection, I didn't know butter was essential nor did I have a clue about the cheese. I am an American and I do understand now why American baked beans are unacceptable...because they are much too sweet (yechh!) and those I tasted with this specialty in England were not sweet at all. I'll have to see if I can track down some Heinz beans, but no guarantees...

this is cool, thanks for your recipe, im using it for a US history project, i dunno if you live in the uk or not, but i live in kansas, and thats cool, i have an eglish friend who LOVES it, so i tried it, and am making it for class!

I have been wanting to try beans on toast for quite a while...however I can't find the Heinz baked beans anywhere in a store near me (I am in the US)...does anyone know where I can find any?? I would greatly appreciate any help finding them!!!

The vegetarian baked beans you find in the U.S. is the closest you can get in most places; some larger stores have U.K. beans in their import sections

I actually love frying some onion and garlic and peanuts in the pan before I add the beans. A dash of tabasco... and Bob's your uncle.

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