Comments: The Old Mill's Irish Lentils and Leeks In Cream Sauce


Sounds delish, Barrett - I'll have to start sneaking some of these veggie dishes into our diet. Just don't tell He for whom we cook that there's no meat in it...!

You could always slip a stray clam in and call it seafood!

I am salivating just reading this recipe...where exactly do I find green lentils in the Chicago area?

I find them at Sherwyn's on Diversey at a great price. I'm sure Whole Foods or any good vegetarian friendly market would have them. They're also called lentils de puy.

Aha! Now I know what to buy her for Christmas!!

I had the same dish there a couple years ago and have been searching for a similar recipe ever since. I am still in disbelief that I stumbled on this website, I didn't even know the name of the restaurant. Best meal I've ever had! Thank You!!!

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