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EEW! Marmite is vile! I could have told you that.

My boyfriend (from NZ) is not allowed to kiss me after eating Marmite. He has to brush his teeth first.

I believe that the salt added to the yeast causes the yeast cells to rupture, split open, due to osmotic pressure. I dont think suggesting a massive outbreak of yeast diarrhea entirely accurate!

I would love the Marmite. I've tried Vegemite and enjoyed it. I think this makes me a freak. I'm ok with that.

Awww. I love Marmite. Great write-up, anyway. :D

as someone who is from America, you cannot state with any certainty "beloved by some, but more generally reviled by the many".

Marmite is an English foodstuff (yes, was invented in Burton-on-Trent) and while I concede that it is certainly an acquired taste, you do not have the authority to make such a generalising statement...although you do seem to have the audacity.

Then again, America IS the only country that exists I guess.

Well, given the fact that it is pretty much only Brits who love Marmite (my Australian friends claim that vegemite is totally different, though to be fair I'm not sure I believe them) by definition it's not going to be "the many" who love it. In any case, based on Marmite's own advertising campaign ("you'll either love it or hate it") I'd say that even here in England you can't say "the many" love it.

In any case, I seriously think you need to lighten up.

I love Marmite but it's not like anything else you put on bread you really put tiny amounts on toast, you should have much more butter than marmite on a slice of toast.

The ideal quantity of marmite to put on a slice of toast is roughly the size of your little finger nail. Marmite is a massively concentrated substance, spreading it like jam or nuttella or pate is way too much a small jar of marmite could do a couple of slices of toast every day for 2 to 3 months easily

Honestly the flavour of marmite is that strong and this is where I think marmite haters go wrong putting way too much on toast. Marmite jars have an interesting quality they never get empty any other substance other than marmite you would think the container was empty but for marmite there is enough for one more slice of toast maybe two.

you have to put one fingernail of marmite or vegemite on toast with Avocado. Smooth as!

Now if you want truly unpleasant, in the UK over CHristmas the shops were selling Marmite Chocolate. That is Chocolate with Marmite in it. My brother (who consumes about 500g a quarter of marmite - he is in the 'love' category) found Marmite Chocolate truly repulsive.

I'm in the rare 'it's OK' category... there are some things that go with marmite and some that don't. Twiglets (marmite flavoured snack) = good, Thin spread of Marmite on hot brown toast = OK. Marmite and cheese sandwiched = not good. Marmite in soup = bad. Marmite on finger tip = OH MY, WHY OH WHY OH WHY. My wife eats it like that.

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