Comments: Potato/Leek Soup


That would add a nice note and you certainly wouldn't need to simmer the soup quite so long. Most of the simmering time is for the benefit of the leeks, not the potatoes.

I found out how to say leek in Italian (porri--leeks), so now I am on my way to making this lovely dish! Thanks Barrett!


Good news, Jackie! Good luck. I make this more than anything else I cook. It's a great warmer-up in the winter and serves well cold in the summer.

I love to make this soup, but mine is somewhat different in that I don't blend the soup or add any dairy. It's wonderful! Even so, it's nice to see a different sort of recipe! :) about using instant potato flakes, after boiling the leeks (slivered really thin) in veggie/chicken broth, w/butter & crushed garlic...then add 1/2 & 1/2, S&P, maybe a pinch celantro or chives?

Recipe sounds great! Would you share your recipe for vegetable stock? I looked online and found too much conflicting information.

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