Comments: Brussels Sprouts Braised in Red Wine with Bacon and Lentils


This recipe looks amazing. Brussels sprouts are so popular right now! We love your blog here at How2Heroes!!

Check out my Me Meals! You might find something you like, and I LOVE brussell sprout soup, which I wrote about in January...I am not a bacon fan, but like proscuitto...would that work?

Yes, proscuitto would also be lovely, I think. I wouldn't bother cooking it though; just shred it and stir it in right before stirring. Hope you like it!

I used to hate brussel sprouts but I became a convertee last year and am looking for more ways to cook them. SO thanks and I'll be giving this a try tonight.

When I boil a ham I always put the Brussels sprouts into the water and cook them. You need to try this it's so simple, but I also like your idea so might try this a the weekend.

Just the thought of Brussels Sprouts as a child made me want to throw up!! During the last three months my wife has seasonsed the sprouts with Reggae Reggae sauce and I must say the taste is delightful.

I would also recommend sprouts with Honey and Salmon.

I am a sprout hater previously but then I'm not one anymore since I found this one deliciuos dish that has sprout in it and I could finish them all. After try the dish for a few times, eating sprout doesn't seems bad at all.

Don't care much for sprouts, but I may just have to try them again with this recipe.
Thanks for this post!

I am so glad to find a recipe with Brussels sprout. I think Brussels sprout are very misunderstood vegetable and you have written such a gourmet recipe with wine and lentils, it is on my must make it this week list. Thanks for the recipe.

Loved the recipes but hate brussel sprouts but they looked great.

When I saw that recipe called for red wine I was all over it like a cheap suit.

Going to try it tonight!
Good and funny info! Thxs.
Norma Serrano, Los Angeles

Sounds delicious!

brussel sprouts are very good if you have a good stomack

Who would dare not to check this post. From the title itself -
"Brussels Sprouts Braised in Red Wine with Bacon and Lentils". It's indeed a delicious one!

This sounds amazing! Will have to try it

I've made a version of this dish, but I used red Camargue rice instead of the lentils. And I didn't have any fancy bacon in the house, just regular old breakfast bacon from the supermarket. It turned out rich and delicious and complex. Thanks for the reminder.

Wow! Now this looks absolutely delicious! I really are into brussels sprouts now... I'll have to give it a shot this weekend :-)

how peculiar that chefs don't tend to cook a lot for themselves, but only for others. Either way, this recipe sounds fabulous and fairly simple. thanks for sharing.

In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own Blog

Your recipe is worth a try. thanks...

his recipe looks amazing. Brussels sprouts are so popular right now! We love your blog here at How2Heroes!!

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Oh I really love the recipe. I even tried it at home. Kids love it so much.

This looks like an amazing recipe. I just love it when the food is healthy and tasty! :)

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Always looking for a great recipe with Brussels sprout,
To please my clients.

Time is very important when cooking brussel sprouts. You want them al dente and not soggy as you mention. Otherwise it's my favorite vegetable to eat. I was one of those kids that actually liked them.

I've been including more sprouts in my diet these days. Bacon is different. Meg in Sussex suggested proscuitto...I like that idea! Thanks for the recipe!

I am so glad to be here because i love to do cooking although i am not a professional chef but have some really best expertise.I will definitively try this one.

It looks very appetizing! although I'm not cooking just for me ... This time I'll try! I loved your recipe!!

I am not usually one for Brussel Sprouts, but in this dish i think i could munch on these 1 by 1. :) delicious

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