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hi, great site! your "cranberry rolls" are actually kolaches. these Czech pastries can be filled with almost any type of fruit, cheeses etc. my wife has family in the state of Nebraska where I have encountered a passionate following for these pastries as a 'go-to' item for breakfast or snacktime. mix up the fillings sometime and try out tart cherry, apricot or even poppy seed in addition to your yummy cranberry version. thanks for the post, i have never tried making these but will likely give your recipe a shot!

Colin, I think you are right about the origins of the rolls. However, the odd thing is that it was my Irish-American grandmother, not the Austria-born-Czech-speaking one who taught me how to make them.

Funny old world, eh?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Lots of things to thank this time of the year! After all the problems, we are still all here! Enjoy!

I made these for our Mexican Thanksgiving, kneading with the dough hook on my Kitchen Aid and they were outstanding. But the best part of our "traditional" dinner was the turkey - selected that morning by the mother of one of the guests, neck duly wrung, plucked, cleaned, boiled, then smothered in spices (mainly achiote), and cooked over hot coals, turning constantly. Best I've ever had; served with pickled Yucatecan onions and, of course, all the usual trimmings. Grandma Kehoe would have loved our stories.

Oh, Mar, you have my mouth watering! I don't suppose anyone noted down the precise recipe?? If so, I think it's your duty to share with me so I can share with the world! The Critic is always happy to eat another turkey...

(Especially when we are having - gasp - lasagna for Christmas dinner!!)

Hey, hey, hey... nothing wrong with the Italian Christmas, now. A little different, perhaps, but still very tasty. I think Annie said she was going to do a more traditional Turkey-based meal on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, I wanted to say that yes, I, too, have found that a wetter, stickier dough does create better bread. I make bread every weekend, and it has taken me a while to come to grips with the fact that less flour makes a better result. It just gets a little tricky handling it; I now use parchment paper to lower it into my Dutch oven, which helps immensely. I think it has something to do with the proteins being better able to align themselves into chains in a wetter dough; Cook's Illustrated wrote up an article explaining the science behind no-knead bread a year or so ago, and I think that was their explanation.


This looks like the perfect breakfast item to wake up to and not just for thanksgiving. Cranberry Rolls are my next project.

I love cakes!! look very appetizing! .. For sure I test ... more .. I know what to do when the bread dough left over .. Thank you for your recipe!

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