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This year was to be the one I took on my canning expedition, but somehow or the other I couldn't manage at all. Sounds like a very lively recipe ... can't wait to try it!

man, I can't handle the storage space all of the canning uses.

I think this recipe is awesome. Thanks for sharing. If you get the chance, check out more ways of canning salsa over at my site.

one never knows how tried and true it is just from surfing for a recipe online ...

We always get lots of requests for our salsa - here's the recipe - tried n true

Tastes similar to a main stream salsa company's

Homemade Salsa Recipe:

½ lb jalapeno or cherry peppers (I always use jalapeno, cherry peppers are VERY hot)

8 cups coarsely chopped peeled tomatoes (I don’t peel them)

3 cups chopped seeded sweet banana peppers

2 cups chopped onions

4 to 5 garlic cloves, minced

2 cups cider vinegar

1 cup EACH chopped sweet red and yellow peppers

* I use a total of 5 cups of whatever colour sweet peppers are either on sale, or in my garden, the yellow banana peppers to give a nice perky flavour, though

1 @ 5 ½ oz can tomato paste

2 tablespoons white sugar

1 tablespoon salt

2 teaspoons spanish paprika

1 teaspoon dried oregano

¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro (the fresh leaves are cilantro, the dried seed is called coriander)

**if you can’t get fresh cilantro you can use 2 teaspoons ground coriander (and up to ¼ cup parsley fresh or 2 tablespoons dried)

Method... see or salsa recipe

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Thanks for the awesome recipe! I'm a huge salsa fan and will be trying to make this to your recipe very soon, I just got a new range cooker installed and can't wait to use it at any opportunituy!

THANKS FOR THE tips of making the tomato salsa.i'll try it

I think this tomato salsa will rock with the after noon light snacks. I usually prefer the sauce and the chocolate sauce but this look really delicious to me and I will surely take a taste of it.

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