Comments: Salade des Landes Anglaises


France is a socialist country? Don't tell that to Decaux...or Sarko...

There's no protocol about scrubbing the meat cutting board before cutting ingredients to be served raw? That's alarming, even though I suspect that on the whole French food sources are a bit safer. No feed lots or pen-raised chickens, as far as I know.

However, I was taken aback the other week when my local cafe owner actually perched his new Jack Russell puppy on the zinc. Cavalier indeed.

Susan, I remember several years ago, when I was just starting out blogging, reading a post by someone who was attending classes at the Cordon Bleu (as I recall - could have been another of the schools) and she wrote that she had suddenly realized that in three weeks of classes she had never once been instructed to clean her chopping board. Yikes!

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