Comments: An English Salade Niçoise


This sounds good. I'm trying to follow the Eat to Live diet and was running out of veggie ideas. The amount of oil fits right in too. Thanks

Another glut that occurs this time of year is of tomatoes, so blanch some beans, chop the tomatoes and toss together with a dressing of choice.

Brian, this recipe did include a couple of small tomatoes. But if you have a real glut, I'm a HUGE fan of canning them. Unlike many other vegetables, tomatoes are acidic enough that you only need a hot water bath to can them; no need for special equipment like a pressure canner. I have 30 jars of plain chopped tomatoes, eight jars of tomato sauce and three jars of tomato paste. And next week, I'm starting on salsa! Look out for a post on this issue some time soon (I hope)!

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Looks great! Makes me hungry just looking at it.

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