Comments: Green Goddess Salad Dressing


WOW Meg, how cool! I have always thought you were a fabulous cook and a great writer!! I've printed out the receipe and definately am going to try it out! Please post some more!

Hey, Juliet, glad you like it! Although my posting has slowed down to once every week or two, there are about 2000 recipes in the archives. The more recent ones are mostly diet-conscious because I've been on the Weight Watchers program, but the rest are all full fat and indulgent. (Which is why I'm on WW, incidentally...!) Hope you enjoy the dressing - I really did think it was fabulous!

At our work place we've developed a regular Thursday lunch bunch with the other engineers... I was a late-comer to the traditional weekly lunch, so by the time I joined up they were used to ordering in shorthand: "I'll have the G-13, please." The two favored destinations are a horrible Mexican place (cholesterol alert, Dive, Dive!) and a Vietnamese place. It was while seated at the Vietnamese place that Leonard, who is from south-east Asia, revealed what exactly is in the fabled fish sauce: fermented anchovies!

Big Brother, who on the advice of his doctor has given up on butter.

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