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Great photo!

You're absolutely right about food and expats. Like you, I'd like my Anglo-Frog kids to like British comfort foods I relish. Marmite's a good example: My son hates it, my daughter loves it. They both love 99s though.

Thanks! Dumdad, you probably remember as well as I do the waves of despair that went through the British expat community in Paris when Marks & Spenser's closed down its foreign stores. Let me know if your stock of Marmite runs low and I'll pop some in the mail!

Oh, Brandon surely is feeding himself! Love it!

after seeing this im gonna grab a cup fup of pudding from the fridge before i head off to work in an hour. i really shouldnt and say no, but chocolate is such a weakness. i should have never had made it! lol

This is a great and easy recipe. Yum...I like pudding and whats more you gonna need than make it a chocolate pudding. Great.

Hi Meg. Do you think I could sub Lindt dessert chocolate for the baker's chocolate and just reduce the sugar?

Now after getting a note of some great stuff for dinner, I was looking for a dessert and this was awesome. I loved it, kids loved it and we all loved it.

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