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Boy, talk about too many archives, blogs and chefs, especially in France. And they
forgot the oldest and perhaps largest website ( that has over 3100 chefs videos
Thank goodness

Awe, don't give up on that other blogger, just yet. She may write something you like better some day!

Oh, Elizabeth, I never thought you'd actually ready my blog! I think you are a GREAT writer and certainly capable of a great book. I am sooooo sorry and hope I didn't offend you! In fact, I'm going to take out that line, which was really just there for dramatic effect leading into the "buy David's book now".

I am so ashamed.

Write another book and prove me wrong, please!!

(says the woman who has never had the courage to even start a book herself...)

Oh good grief, don't you dare be ashamed!! There's nothing personal in what one likes or doesn't like, and nothing at all good in a world where no one is brave enough to have an opinion.

I thought what you wrote was interesting and constructive and nothing to be sorry for.

I love your blog. I'm a happy home cook and in awe of people whose skills are much greater. I wish I had more time for it.

Bless you - I am so happy you enjoy the blog as I have certainly enjoyed lurking on yours for the last three years. I just felt like the bit about your book came off a lot harsher than I meant it to be. What I should have said is "I love this blog so much that I actually spent several afternoons sifting through all her archives and laughing until I cried. And so when the book arrived, I was disappointed that it wasn't completely new laugh-until-you-cry material." Because, you know, raising a couple of kids and blogging every day doesn't take THAT much time - surely you could have squeezed in a whole new novel too right? ; )

That's where David has the advantage over both of us: unlimited free time to write!

Just stumbled onto your blog, thanks for this review! This book sounds fabulous.

sounds interesting!
Awesome Vegan Girl

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