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Okay, how much do I love you for posting a tandoori chicken recipe that is Meg-approved? And good for me too? :)

Cat, I hope you like it! It's amazing how once you take away the sauce, dishes suddenly become much more reasonable in calories!

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Great to see this, for once, not served via my local takeaway.

Meg, is the 5 WW points including the rice and raita?

Jamie, yes the five points includes the rice and raita. According to my recipe and points tracker it breaks down like this:

chicken and yogurt (the rest of the spices are 0 points): 3 points

medium portion rice and 1 oz lentils (again, spices are 0): 1.5

1/2 pot of plain low-fat yogurt (cucumber is 0 points): .5

Hope you like it!


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