Comments: On Frugality, Grandmothers and Lentil Soup


I came here after a search for Aligot but stayed & read for far too long. Just returned from a whirlwind tour of the Loire & 4 hours in Paris. I wish I'd had your recipe recomendations before I got back home. Best wishes from Norfolk UK. xxxxc

A very timely post Meg! Just got back from the local Monoprix where I agonized over every purchase. 1,99 for an artichaut!!! This soup sounds delicious and wouldn't you know I have just about every ingredient in the house!

Wait a minute here... you got one of those family heirloom ornaments?!? I didn't get any ornaments. I was told they were all 'lost.' Something stinks here!

OK, back on topic. In the frugal vein it pays to keep your eyes and ears open. Back in November our company hosted a fancy Thanksgiving turkey luncheon, with real roasted turkeys. Of course, it's somebody else's nickel, so whoever was carving the turkeys was just high-grading them, taking off the easy cuts. At the end of the luncheon I was within earshot of the clean-up crew, which was saying wistfully, "Gosh, somebody should take these turkey carcasses home." So I did! Six turkey carcasses! I put them in the freezer, and I have been taking them out in ones and twos to make into soup. So far we've gotten about 24 servings out of the leftovers, and I'm only halfway through the lot.

I also have this theory that frugality skips generations (sorry, Mom!). It's the natural rebellion against one's parents, I guess.

Oh my goodness, BB, I didn't realize you didn't get any of the ornaments. I think that I probably discussed it with Big Sis when Mom decided to downgrade to a table-top tree and pretty much all she wanted was the pinkish purple elf. I'll send you photos of the ones I have and you can tell me which ones you'd like!

Great story about the turkeys - I just wish I had that kind of freezer space!

But I have to admit, I'm partial to the carrot...


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