Comments: 101 Interesting Baby Food Recipes


Fifty years ago when my oldest child was introduced to vegetables, I was in a panic. He didn't like any of the things that Gerber packaged for me. Besides, he was unable to burp, so I had a colicy youngun to deal with. I went to my elderly pediatrician with fear that I was starving him. Dr. Barber looked at me in disgust and asked: Have YOU tasted and of those foods? I admitted that I had not and he said to go home and taste them and then season them with a smidgeon of butter and a few grains of salt. His reaction was that they tasted terrible because they had no interesting flavors and it was my job to make them palatable. That boy ate everything. If we took him out with us, he would always order the barbequed ribs or a yummy steak - never a hot dog or hamburger on his plate! Of course it was hard to explain to him why he couldn't have the lobster or crab when our budget was low, but getting him to eat was never a problem. My oldest daughter married a native American whose tribe was allowed to take one whale a few years ago. When she asked an elder what it would taste like, he told her he thought it tasted a lot like seal. Her kids eat everything, too. I'm not sure whether Dr. Barber did us a favor or not!

I'd say a better idea over BUTTER is herbs and spices. Onions in baby food are great. Skip the butter and SALT is NOT a good idea for little ones. I have always made my own baby food and never really held back on things like onions, greenpeppers, or even a LITTLE garlic. My kids eat everything now that they are older too. But just skip the crappy food like butter and salt.

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