Comments: We'll always have Paris...


Congratulations on the new job.
Good luck with the move.

I really understand how you feel,me it would break my heart to have to go back to France cos I've been here in England nearly ten years and this is home now...

Our warmest wishes and thoughts are with you...

...during this period of utter chaos! :)

Good luck!

Meg! So sad you're leaving. And I'll come visit you in London, where you'll have Neal's Yard cheese & Borough market. And we can touch all the produce we want, and drink decent coffee. Cheers mate!! xox

David, I hope we can meet up before I go - I'd hate to have to take that jar of spicy pickled onions with me! (Yes, that IS a bribe...)


Best of luck in your move. Uprooting a family is tough, but where you are going will certainly be exciting. Bon Soir.

Well, I agree it is sad that you're leaving Paris... although I like England, all of my visits to see you in Paris have been special. I don't envy your tasks at all. Ebay is your friend! No more honey from M. Allart! I'm going to have to be my own beekeeper, I guess. I understand that you're looking to settle on the southern coast, near Brighton (so goes the family gossip) - that's an area rich in folk traditions. Rottingdean is the home of the Copper Family, and I think that there are a couple of worthwhile festivals to attend. Just don't jump into buying a house on credit- the UK market is in worse shape than the U.S., if that is possible.

Big Brother in the wilds of Oregon

Holee Crap! That's huge, really huge. Packing up and leaving, wow.

Rock on with your bad self and see you when you get to the other side.

xo, Biggles

Congrats to the Critic for landing an awesome job! And what a cutie Son #2 is! You must be in the middle of moving hell right now...sending you calming vibes. Good luck with everything. Looking forward to reading about life across the channel.

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