Comments: Someone set us up the beef!


Ha! My boyfriend has that t-shirt (well, the bomb, not beef, version), and people all over NYC stare at his chest whenever he wears it. It really throws them for a loop. =)

More importantly, 'How to Cook Everything Vegetarian' is one of my very favorite cookbooks EVER. I thought I hated Bittman until I read it!

Kelli, Bittman's Best Recipes Book left me completely cold. I didn't agree with a lot of his recipes - especially when they were being presented as the "best" versions.

But the Vegetarian How to Cook Everything and to some extent, the non-vegetarian one changed my mind about him. He's not the final word on food, (Harold McGee is still that), but he's someone whose opinion I now respect.

This guy Bittman is a Moron...may be a great chef, but a moron as to the real earth.

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