Comments: Le Super Hot Dog


Wild garlic is known as "Ail des Bois" in French.

Anything like this reminds me of a local tavern's "Mad Dog". Foot-long hot dog, stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon and DEEP-FRIED. Wonderful.

I just returned from a trip to Paris and will go on record as saying these are great! I did not find any that had mustard or anything else on them. They were just the dogs, the baguette and the gruyère cheese. I am now trying to find out what type of sausage that is used over there. It is not the same at all.

JR, I think the difference is that in the US hot dogs are usually made from beef, not pork. Here, they are usually labelled "100% pur porc". I have to say, I'm now used to the French ones and both I (and my son) were severely disappointed by the American ones we had on our last trip to Chicago!

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