Comments: Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Ragout


About how much food does this turn into when cooked? Things that absorb water always throw when I try to estimate final quantities and scale down to recipes for a single perosn.

I didn't measure he yield, but I'd guess about 4-5 cups of polenta. We were both very hungry and had no leftovers.

Mushrooms and polenta is one of my favorite combinations. I remember when a local restaurant in Boston tried to take theirs off the menu for a while, but customers insisted the restaurant put it back! You can also let the polenta set, and cut it with cookie cutters into interesting shapes, with the ragout on top.

Wow, Barrett - gorgeous photo and a delicious sounding recipe! I'm definitely going to have to give it a try. (Though unfortunately, I don't have a lot of hope getting my suspicious males to try it, sigh.)

Love this recipe. A great blog lots of interesting recipes and chat.

We have nominated your blog as our Blog of the Week and here is the link if you wish to take a look.


That polenta looks sinful. I'm doing polenta for dinner tonight with an eggplant ragu, and I'll definitely be adding some cream cheese.

Another vehicle for cream cheese consumption - Super! And if you think it's cold in MD, this winter in Chicago has been ridiculous!!

This sounds like the perfect winter meal. I like the cream cheese idea.

When I first saw this recipe, I just knew my 2 year-old son would love it. He loves mushrooms and the creamy polenta seemed very kid friendly too. We had it the other night and it was wonderful. Thanks.

I'm over here in France sans cream cheese. Could someone please recommend a substitute?

Laura, you can buy cream cheese at the Real McCoy or Thanksgiving, but it's pretty expensive. I would try substituting St. Moret cheese or Kiri. They are a bit saltier than cream cheese, so taste before salting!

Thanks for the advice. I absolutely love this blog!!!

Hey Barrett, I tried this tonight and it was delicious! The only small departures were a) creme fraiche instead of cream because it's what I had on hand and b) adding a clove of garlic, because I'm sorry but I CANNOT conceive of combining mushrooms and wine and butter without it. ; )

Laura, I used St. Moret Ligne et Plaisir (reduced salt and fat) cheese and it worked very well. In fact, I needed to add a little salt as a result.

This looks really great, love the mushrooms.

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