Comments: While the Critic's Away: Cauliflower Gratin


Mmmm, I make something like this pretty regularly in cold months, with cayenne and oregano and garlic and a splash of sherry, and usually with some sauted mushrooms. The Fella is staunchly anti-cauliflower, so sometimes I make it with his beloved broccoli.

I haven't tried the mustard --- sounds like a warm, subtle addition. Yum!

I wonder if disliking cauliflower is a men's thing 'cause my hubby also avoids it as much as he can! I usually make it together with broccoli - mustard is my favourite ally when it comes to give cauliflower a twist.

Jeez, that does sound good. I like the mustard part. I'd probably render some pancetta for that. But then you guessed that already, eh?

xo, Biggles

Dr. B, I am ashamed to say that I forgot one essential ingredient when I was writing this up: I also draped some parma-style ham over the cauliflower before I sauced it. It was perfect with the cheese, the mustard, the whole!


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