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sorry many chefs can't cook. i have dealt with 4 in a row. all their cooking smells like chicken boullion overdone with garlic. what is it with these people? is it a genetic error? what's with the over spicing? what's with the chicken odor? what's with every single meal smelling the same? if folks think it's great to live near or with a chef.. try it for a while you'll wish you were dead.

plus they're all assholes who live too close to their parents.. what's with that also?

I can't decide if the previous comment (from chefscantcook) is one of the most offensive or one of the most hilarious comments we've had for a long while.

Hey, chefscantcook has asked you numerous questions, you could at least try to answer them!

I don't post here much so I should probably explain that I'm just kidding.

I was going to say that Holden was impersonating Gordon Ramsay, but after reading the first comment, I think maybe chefscantcook is trying out his Gordon hat.

I can't agree with ChefsCantCook all the way but the repetative ODORS and the over spicing to the point it powers out the Indian gourmet around here (that is bad, you should try it!) I had two chefs in my building and I figured it was bad but then they started competing with each other. There have been so many complaints to the management along with calls to the fire department it is not funny. Also your eyes begin to water as you walk up the sidewalk to my complex. We have to turn the fans on and burn incense in order to deal with it. I don't want to be mean but what is the deal is what I ask also. Is it showing off because it's really not a good idea because it's killing us! Two tenants moved out last year and their complaint was: The chefs here, the smell is so bad, it's even in my drapes, bathroom and sometimes I think the sewage has backed up but only to find it's just them cooking. Then they have the nerve to ask us to drop by (many others also.) or come to our doors and try to fend off their leftovers to us. They always talk about themselves and the little things get them into a snit I just turn my lights off and try to be quiet so they think I am not home. God forbid you run into them at the grocer, they will try to tell you how to cook, what food to eat and invite themselves over to show you how to do it.

HELP US! MOM! (sorry, that was a joke about the parents being too close by) I can feel for ChefsCantCook honestly I can.

My sympathies, I understand though what they say was short that they are probably going through what we are suffering where I live.

Or maybe they are one of our neighbors?! OMG!

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