Comments: Fried green tomatoes anyone?


This recipe has 'em cooing over at a forum I frequent. I tried it with ripe and green tomatoes, and it is delectable, but very messy. And truthfully I think breading and fryin the tomatoes, then sandwiching with cream cheese and warming briefly would have nearly the same effect and be far less slippery.

Interesting idea, Elsa - thanks! Cream cheese is hard to find around here, but I'll be a nice slice of gooey goat's cheese would be just as good. If not better!

Will report back with results!

Oooo, goat cheese sounds better: tangy and rich, but probably not so slippery.

And one more thing to add: when
I made 'em, I used cream cheese tarted up with a bit of lemon zest and some herbs. Goat cheese probably wouldn't need the tarting up.


Lovely tomatoes! How about green tomato shake?

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