Comments: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse...


What kind of frozen dinner comes in a pretty little dish like this? I'm guessing they aren't the Libbyland dinners from my childhood? Please share what exotic goodies you have available in your area.

I bought them at our local Monoprix. I have no idea why they come in the nice dishes, as it wasn't more expensive than the ones in plastic trays - go figure! But there was no way I was going to throw them away!

Actually, I also inherited a similar baking dish when the law firm I worked for had a dinner catered by Lenotre. The hot dishes all came in proper oven-safe porcelain dishes and when we asked about returning them, the company said "don't bother"! I felt guilty being the only person in the office to profit from it, and so passed the dish along to a new mother in Paris (along with a casserole in it). It saved her the trouble of getting the dish back to me and made me feel virtuous!

I don't know what it is about this country and cheap porcelain!

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