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Looks delicious! I might have to try and do a vegetarian version!

I've heard that this is actually a relatively authentic Szechuan recipe when made w/ Szechuan peppercorns, and I've seen Thai versions that add coconut milk; sometimes I've also seen it called "Firecracker" or "Volcano" chicken, which makes me think that the "Bang Bang" name might be more related to spiciness than pounding on the chicken.

(If Barrett & the Redhead are still in Paris, by the way, ask them to check their email... I need to coordinate getting them from the airport back to their home when they come back here.)

Actually this recipes looks a lot like a popular Chinese recipe called "Bon Bon Chicken" I wonder if something got lost in translation?

You shouldn't be feeding your toddler peanut butter. Current best practice is to avoid it until age 3 at least. Otherwise they are at a greatly increased risk to develop an alergy, often life threatening.

There are many sources of information on this, just google "peanut allergy toddler" or something similar.

Joe, thanks for the pointer. My reference books say not before the age of two and in fact our toddler is just a few weeks short of three. And, as mentioned, he doesn't like peanut butter anyway.

But it's good of you to point it out for our other readers!

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