Comments: Two Tasty Dressings


Oh, how I have longed for an outdoor grill this summer. Something silly about the apartment complex rules and a pesky fire code have gotten in my way-- but thank you for enjoying the grilled veggies on my behalf. (A grill pan just doesn't impart the same flavor.)

I enjoy this website greatly. Thank you for your thoughtful writing, and wonderful tried and tested recipes.

Some propane gas grills even have a Wok sort surface to cook pasta and rise dishes, or possibly a full rotisserie set tuat enables
you to absolutely prepare rotisserie chicken. The reason being
is that many have argued as to why one always has to wait for the weather to be just right for one to be able to enjoy a
decebt BBQ. So, when I flopped that misshaped piece oof meat on the kitchen worktop, it was no longer just one

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