Comments: As English as Nettle Pudding and Hedgehog


You can get the oval measuring cups at

Actually, that recipe for nettle pudding sounded good. I've got plenty of noxious nettles in my garden, so maybe I'll give that a try.

But no way would I eat one of the hedgehogs that also live in my garden. My dog has befriended them, in a strange case of cross-species friendship. (I don't think they sell them at pet shops here, they are very plentiful in the wild.)

The hedgehog does alway seem evocatively British, and on reflection I'm not remotely surprised they were a common source of food. The image of The Grand Hunter Of The Past obscures the banal evidence that our ancestors subsisted mostly on smaller fare.

In my zooarchaeology classes, we ID a great many animal bones, and look for butchery marks, and two of the typically dominant animals are raccoon and porcupine. Oh, mighty hunter!

Nettles may be steamed for a tasty and nutritious vegetable dish. The heating kills the stingers. We find them all over in damp spots in Oregon; I always look for the square stems and serrated leaves.

Big brother

Can you get Violet Crumble in the UK? I thought Violet crumble was Australian?If you can get it i might have to make a trip over LOL

Roman garum isn't really nasty if you think of it as fish sauce... as in Vietnamese cooking. Or anchovies. Honest.

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