Comments: Lemon and Pine Nut Pasta


this looks like a nice simple recipe... i will try it soon.

i wonder though what you think of the whole wheat pasta. does it taste better than normal pasta? i have always avoided strange pastas, but i was sorely tempted last week by some chili pepper pasta at target of all places. they're really going nuts with that archer foods line.

I wouldn't say that whole wheat pasta tastes any better or worse that the usual stuff. It's more toothsome, so it's somewhat like changing from good white bread to 12-grain. You might find it rough at first, but it's hard going back after you've gotten used to the whole wheat pasta.

My primary interest in the whole wheat pasta was that it has a lower Glycemic Index, which keeps me fuller longer.

I haven't tried many of the Archer products. Mostly when we go to Target we head for the toiletries. The Target near us has a very limited refrigerated selection, so I usually wait and go to the local Safeway for food to get everything at once.

I might give the chili pepper pasta a try. It sounds like it has potential.

This was delicious! We picked some lemons off the tree outside!

This was pretty badass. The second time I made it i used red pepper flakes for spiciness and LOTS of extra garlic beacuse im a flavor freak, but the recipe as-is is worth it!

Just tried this recipie as i only had lemon, pine nuts and pasta in the cupboard. It came up really tasty.

I did add some challots too...


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