Comments: Keen on Quinoa


This recipe looks wonderful (as most of Ms. Jaffrey's are) -- I'm trying to eat more quinoa and to get the hubby to do the same. He's a curry and mango fanatic, so this recipe should be just the thing for us.

I, too, have a box of Quinoa nagging me to do something with it. I first tasted it at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian cafeteria in the section of foods of the South American Indians. I'd better do something with it! Sounds yummy!

I posted about quinoa today too! Fortunately my critic doesn't mind nubbly stuff.

I like the spicing here. Quinoa is a nice blank slate for flavors since it doesn't have a strong flavor of its own. We generally make a caprese quinoa, but I like the idea of putting tropical flavors into it.

What exactly do you mean by "whole fenugreek"? Leaves or seed?

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